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Tourists expect information about everything a destination has to offer at their fingertips, from the point of arrival to the time of departure. 

Understanding points of interest including where the closest ATM, amenities or coffee shops are should be an expected part of the user experience. 

With location technology, finding your way around a destination has never been easier. Whether tourists are in the Margaret River wine region for a relaxing stay, or in the hustle and bustle of Sydney streets, maps are a great way of communicating visitor information quickly.

How can a tourism agency leverage location intelligence to better understand their audience improve the tourist’s experience?

A local guide at your fingertips

Tourism agencies are going digital as visitors steer clear of the local information centres wall of pamphlets and paper maps. Rather, they are checking out websites and apps in their own language and are ready to follow their blue dot on a personal device. 

Google Maps offers an extensive Places depository covering a destinations points of interest on a familiar base map that visitors can access at the click of a button. Agencies can leverage this information to make the tourist journey easier by embedding maps that show what’s in close proximity to a user’s location, within either their website or on a mobile application.

Show your user the most efficient route from A to B via a range of transport modes, such as when the next bus is coming or what ferry to jump on. By streamlining the tourist journey with maps, agencies can reduce traveller stress and improve the overall holiday experience for visitors.

Drive decision-making for tourism campaigns

Tourism agencies are already collecting huge amounts of location-based data, but understanding what campaigns are effective and how to target certain demographics is crucial to making informed decisions. 

Agencies now have the ability to capture and combine data streams, such as sociodemographics, telco data, Mastercard data and points of interest information to understand the behaviour and mobility of tourists and aid in decision-making around the city.

These location-based insights can help,
  • Plan events and logistics effectively for local tourism boards and public admins 
  • Drive geomarketing campaigns for international markets and measure the impact of an initiative
  • Optimise public transport infrastructure and minimise congestion (bikes, buses and trains) during event periods.

Tourism agencies can undergo advanced analysis, identify trends and clusters on the fly using their own location data and supplementing this using different data streams on the CARTO platform

Improve the game day experience for visitors

Sporting tournaments can bring in thousands of tourists to a city for short periods of time. They expect an easy way to explore the city, find food outlets and get to the venue via different modes of transport.

Traditionally, maps have been viewed as a tool for only outdoor navigation. Now, visitors can benefit from a seamless experience by navigating from outdoors to indoors. MapsPeople is a technology that can help visitors navigate their way to an event all the way from their hotel to their stadium seat. 

The MapsPeople solution, MapsIndoors, embeds into your existing app or website and enables local companies and outlets to send push-notifications too passers-by and showcases the best deals the area has to offer.

Creating a memorable journey

Maps are a simple and effective means of providing information quickly to your visitor’s fingertips. But understanding why visitors are travelling, what they’re visiting while they’re in town and what they’re spending money on is invaluable information for measuring the success of a tourism campaign. 

Liveli has partnered with a number of mapping providers to help you guide visitors and make the most of their trip. Whether it’s outdoor to indoor navigation with MapsPeople, an easy way of showcasing all the city has to offer using the Google Maps Platform, or finding insights into visitors behaviour with CARTO, we’ve got you covered. Get in touch with the Liveli team today.

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Liveli is proud to partner with technology partners such as Maps People, Google and CARTO, that excel in the tourism space.  If you are ready to launch a location intelligence tool that will significantly impact your tourism operations, get in touch with our team.


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