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For the sports and entertainment industry, location is at the core of how ticket holders get around venues on the day of an event. To keep patrons loyal, it's your job to ensure that it’s easy to find and calculate the time and cost required to get public transport to your venue, where car parking is located, a patron's proximity within the venue to amenities like bathrooms, food stalls and information tents.
But what about the insights you can glean from location intelligence data collected on event day? What information are you collecting behind the scenes that could help optimise your operational efficiency? 
Liveli is experienced in mobilising event day patrons and enabling event operations teams in the sports and entertainment sector. 

Help punters get from A to B

Travelling to an event can be intimidating for some, help them along by giving them the convenience of an event wayfinding map. Via your stadium or event app, you can use a map to show punters the quickest way to get to your event via public transport, car or walking. Better yet, when your attendees reach the venue, allow your map to be their concierge by indicating where the nearest facilities are to them such as food stalls, washrooms, lost and found tents, merchandise and more. 

Identify and resource busy areas in your venue

You can collect data from ticket entry points, foot traffic around a venue using sensors, show which food stalls are the most popular or assess which public transport method was used the most. 
Sports and entertainment can use these insights to resource staff more efficiently in busy areas, justify building extra amenities where needed or make the case to increase advertising budget on certain modes of transport. The possibilities are endless.

Make better planning decisions with maps

For sporting organisations who want to engage players at a community level, location intelligence can show you where the best places are to run awareness campaigns, or even where to build a new club or sporting field. 

Liveli worked with the AFL to structure their player and facility data and overlay it with demographic information from the Census to inform each locality where they had good market penetration. The map also shows the journeys of players from where they live to their club, showing if they pass other clubs on their way.

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Liveli is proud to partner with technology partners such as Maps People, Google and CARTO, that excel in the sports and entertainment space. Whether it is event wayfinding apps, indoor mapping capabilities or community planning with location intelligence - Liveli has you covered. If you are ready to launch a location intelligence tool that will significantly impact your sports and entertainment operations, get in touch with our team.



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